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Alibaba To Launch Mobile Operating System

Alibaba is one of E-commerce’s leading companies of China. The company recently announced in Shanghai that it is planning to launch a mobile operating system; which means, the company will be joining the two colossal OS industries i.e. Google and Apple.

Alibaba is also going to roll out its first smartphone next week in Beijing. Price tag of the smartphone is anticipated to lie between 2,000 Yuan ($309) and 3,000 Yuan.

The Company will offer numerous “cloud apps” along with pre-installed mapping and instant messaging software.

Normally it is not secure or reliable to store data on Pc’s or handsets, so as a solution for that, the Cloud services permits users to store their data on remote servers.

Vending of smartphones in China grew to 19.91 million units on the first quarter of 2011, which is 4.8% greater than the previous quarter. However, several industry experts articulated cynicism about the room for an entry in already flooded market subjugated by Android operating system, iOS and the Symbian.

Li Muzhi, a Hong Kong-based analyst with Mizuho Securities, said “It would be challenging for the smaller operating systems to expand in a quite stable market at this moment, if they (Alibaba) want to be successful, they have to make it an open platform and have some features that not only benefit the users but benefit the manufacturers.”

Local handset make Beijing Tianyu Telecommunications would be making the handsets foe Alibaba and the handsets will be powered by the US tech monster Nvidia. The company is also in view of tablets with the mobile operating system. Keep checking facebook/techmento
to stay updated.

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