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Apple Might Acquire Hulu Soon

With an impressive sale of iPads, iPhones and other iDevices, Apple has generated a huge stack of money around $72.6 billion. With such a huge amount of money, the only thing which comes in mind of people is, “What are they going to do with all this money???”

They cannot just sit back and relax on this money, the only thing that a good company would do is INVEST. They might invest it on a new idea or product, or they might buy a company. Word is that they might acquire the Online Video Streaming Website ‘HULU’ and add Online Video Services to Apple customers. With just a price tag of $2 billion on Hulu, it is not such a risk for Apple.

Scott Sutherland, an analyst in Wedbush Securities Inc. said, “Part of the ecosystem of Apple’s future is to include more video. It’s something they are focused on.”

Apple has recently agreed to pay $2.6 billion for Nortel Networks Corp. and also considering to take part in the bidding of InterDigital Inc., a company with a value of $3.37 billion. But among these companies, Hulu with a price of $2 billion seems to be an easy target. Both Apple and Hulu refused to comment on this Acquisition.

Photo Courtesy of Graham
Photo Courtesy of Don