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Will Apple Create Bluetooth 4?

One of the best features of LTE technology is the freedom it gives users to carry out little communication tasks such as data transfer and transaction making.
Lately, Apple had shown some interest in this technology and it was expected that Apple may adopt this technology widely in all of its upcoming devices for near field communications.

However, the latest report suggests that Apple may in fact opt for next-gen Bluetooth technology for carrying out Short ranged communications.

A new protocol “Bluetooth Low Energy” dubbed as BLE which makes use of Bluetooth 4 is possibly the reason behind Apple’s change of plans. This technology allows gadgets to use significantly less power for short range communications. Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook minis would most probably be the mainstream devices to receive this upgrade.

We can’t say anything definite whether upcoming iPhone will also receive any such upgrade. According to ITProPortal, NFC chips might go out of action and Apple might put BLE in to use for near field communications because BLE can be integrated on the same Bluetooth chip, so while carrying out low bandwidth activities BLE would use less power and once this communication is finished, Bluetooth would again switch back to full power. If Apple goes BLE we may be able to witness another great piece of technology very soon.
Photo Courtesy of tbone
Photo Courtesy of gsp