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Capacitive Touchscreen Vs Resistive Touchscreens

Most of us today have upgraded to gadgets with touch screens but have you ever wondered that what’s the difference between capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens? These both are quite different.

The main reason they are different is the way they register the sensation of your finger. Resistive technology basically senses the pressure while capacitive touch screens don’t depend on pressure but rather senses conductive properties of the object like, figure for-instance.

iPhone uses a capacitive touch screen, which provides a ‘light touch’ interface. The capacitive screen don’t need much contact, you can simply filch your fingers across it and get a complete response from it.

Majority of resistive touch screens will not respond to such a light swipe. However the mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia, HTC and Samsung have minimized the gap between the two types by making the resistive touch screens equally sensitive. Here is a description and video demonstration of the difference.

Photo Courtesy of Via