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Good Technology Report Says iPad Preferred Over Android Tablets

Good Technology is an enterprise mobile stalwart. It is a large technological company which has partnership with industry leading companies including LG, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft, who support the widest range of mobile devices and applications.

Good Technology has started deploying iPhone and Android smartphones in the recent years. It can manage many devices along with other mobiles, applications and platforms. It is also capable of managing both IT-deployed devices and the devices owned by customers.

Good’s recent report states that tablets are growing in the industry including Apple iPad and Android Tablets. But people are more interested in purchasing Apple iPad than other Android tablets by a huge percentage of 95%.

This drastic difference might be the result of Apple’s Impressive User Interface or the variety of applications that Apple provides to their customers. iPad sales have also surpassed the sale of Android Smartphones in the recent months.

According to the latest charts of last 4 months, iOS smartphones have the largest sales. The sale of iOS tablets and Android smartphones is almost equal. But iOS tablets have a slightly greater sale than Android smartphones. You can barely see a sale of Android tablets in the chart.

Photo Courtesy of Kun
Photo Courtesy of Preetam