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Google+ Games Coming Very Soon, Watch Out FaceBook

If you were not moving to Google+ because of Zynga Poker, Farmville, CityVille or any other game on Facebook. It is about time you do.

Zynga and Google were in a big partnership last year, in that partnership Google invested around 10 million in Zynga for the development of Zynga signature Products and helped it making it One of the biggest social game developer in the World. With the release of Google+, Zynga will return the favor by developing better social games for Google’s social network service.

Google has announced that games on their latest favorite platform will arrive very soon, with the arrival of social games in Google+ the fight for the best social network between Facebook and Google+ will become brutal because till now the only major difference between the two platforms were the gaming applications.

With Google+ catching up in this field and with its innovative and interactive interface and features, Facebook will have something to worry about in the near future. Facebook has very little time to go ALL IN before Google+ and Zynga take away the hand.

Photo Courtesy of Charlie
Photo Courtesy of gmw