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iRig MIDI, Recorder And SampleTank For iOS

A touchscreen has vast opportunities to offer you to test your creativity when it comes to touchscreen devices especially iOS devices.

Musicians can take a lot of benefit from this as iOS devices are ideal for attaching musical instruments and testing your talent.

Recently, IK Multimedia has announced some products which are more than enough to keep the artist in you happy.

The original iRig was offered for connecting electronic guitars to the iOS devices, and now the iRIG midi which was announced recently, would allow you to hook up a MIDI keyboard controller or other MIDI compatible gear with your i-device. Offered freely with iRIG MIDI are IK Multimedia’s SampleTank and iRig MIDI Recorder.

iRIG MIDI supports 3 MIDI ports i.e in, out, thru. Any standard MIDI jacks can be plugged to these ports using the pre provided 2 x 1.6m/5.2’ cables. The device supports two LEDs to monitor any activity through these ports.

The device is power efficient as it supports a micro usb port for connecting to a USB power source to keep the iOS device running for long during long sessions. There are already 50 plus applications in the market that support the new iRIG MIDI device so there is no need to worry for finding a suitable application. You may plug in your musical instrument,sit back and enjoy the musical experience.
Photo Courtesy of 246-u
Photo Courtesy of nipotan