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Kinect Embedded PCs And Portables

Thus far Microsoft has been successful with Kinect (motion sensing controller-camera) for Xbox. That is the reason; Microsoft is considering implanting it into even more hardware in the future.

During the running week’s Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, the company’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie said, he can predict that in near future both PCs and mobile phones will have a build-in Kinect-based camera.

Using Kinect besides gaming will improve types of video conferencing drastically. The kind of feature that business can use is the upcoming Avatar Kinect feature for Xbox.

Mundie says, “What’s interesting about it is that, while it’s just more traditional videoconferencing, the camera tracks you as you move around. So, you’re now sitting some significant distance away from the screen. So, many of the problems that you have with traditional sort of PC-based videoconferencing, where when you’re so close the angular displacement of the camera from where your gaze is gives you that very weird sensation.”

However there are still a lot of changes to be done to the system before businesses accept it. Changing like, making it look more pragmatic.

Using Kinect based camera will certainly open more possibilities and change the current mode of communication and it will resolve the issues we have with traditional cameras and mode of communication.

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