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New HD LCD Screen By Hitachi

A new LCD screen that was launched by Hitachi, can be used for viewing 3D content without using any glasses. This latest screen is 4.5 inches wide and can be used in small gadgets and portable devices.

According to experts, a lot of improvement has been made in this new LCD screen. Last year, Hitachi launched a 3.1 inch screen with just 480*854 resolution. This time the resolution is 1280*720 which is a big difference and great improvement.

It can be differentiated in so many ways from Hitachi’s previous LCD small screens such as it has IPS panel, lens and back light.

The brightness is rated at 470 cd/meter square which is quite good fror small screens. In the near future it can be found in mobile phones, portable tvs and so many other small devices. That’s really a good improvement by hitachi now with HD content on a small screen.

There is a chance that in near future they will launch such technology for big screens and we will have a chance to watch 3D at cinema without wearing glasses.

Photo Courtesy of blitzmaerker
Photo Courtesy of Wesley Fryer