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Libratone’s Airplay Is Now Compatible W/ iOS

Libratone an audio company released its ultra-sleek and eye catching wireless speakers for Home. The product might be a little expensive starting from $600 for the tower and around $1100 for the Lounge soundbar. Is spending that many greens worth it?

Last year, the company produced rather disappointing results which lacked compatibility with most of our operating systems. But this time around Libratone is offering easy compatibility with one of our favorite operating systems i.e. iOS, and other operating systems.

For wireless connection with iPad, iPhone and iPod all you need to do is plug it in a 30 pin transmitter and the speakers are good to go and for your Desktop and MacBook all you need is a USB-transmitter. You will need a HDMI cable to enjoy the luscious speakers. With better compatibility and the good reputation in the eyes of most of users, you might want your home to sound like Libratone.

The speakers have the ability to fill the room or lounge with their awe-inspiring sound and the product does not have lip sync problems. The range is about 30 meters so you can enjoy music sitting almost anywhere in your house. The volume and other features of the Scandinavian product can be handled by a remote controller and to make it look like royalty the speakers are covered with cashmere wool. The money might just be worth the wireless satisfaction.

Photo Courtesy of Dave
Photo Courtesy of bfi