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Enjoy Fox Movies On Your Android Phone

20th century fox has marked another good step in the entertainment industry, bringing movie watching to the next level. Now you’ll be able to watch movies on your Android device with a new feature which Fox brings exclusively to you.

The word on the street is that Fox is introducing a new feature that would allow users to download Fox movies on their Android devices. However, the feature won’t work in a manner allowing users to directly download movies to Android devices, instead, users will first have to buy a physical copy of the movie, thus allowing him/her to download an Android-friendly copy of the movie to the PC which can then be loaded to Android device. So get ready for the sensation as the service is expected to start in October, kicking off with X-MEN:FIRST CLASS.

This is a good news for Android fans as Google had been poor on providing movie services due to lack of playback and copyright protection technologies.

But recently Google has acquired a rights management company Widevine which oversees these issues. Android has already surpassed Symbian in success and with this new feature introduced, now Android is ready to give iOS a tough time which is currently kicking back owing to the blessings of iTunes music and video store.

Photo Courtesy of saad
Photo Courtesy of nair