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Organizations Getting Kicked Out From Google+

The Google+ frenzy has surrounded every one on the web ever since the release of this social networking platform. Owing to the popularity garnered by Google+ among folks, different business organizations are eager to join Google+ to promote their business .But guess what? Google has already started kicking out business firms from Google+.

The reason being Google doesn’t want organizations to create fuss on their platform which still somehow is passing evaluation phases. Google+ had already told businesses not to join with regular profiles as Google was working on a separate version for Google+ solely for business organization.

Google had been telling them lately to get in touch with Google if they wanted to test the business version of Google+. But some organizations proved way too obdurate and desperate causing Google to cut profiles that businesses set up.

Google has blasted profiles of SearchEngineLand, Sesame Street and Mashable to date.

As Google+ manager Christian Oestlein lately explained ” We’ve been seriously thinking on handling this process as a lot of competent candidates are expressing interest. We ought to get business involved with Google+, but in the right manner. Therefore, we are refocusing our priorities and we expect to have an initial version of business profiles set up for everyone in next few months”. So, if you have a business organization which you want to be on Google+, just hold back and wait.

Photo Courtesy of sushilkin
Photo Courtesy of Robert