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Spotify, Everything iTunes Should Have Been

Okay, so I just got the e-mail after my boss had invited me to Spotify. I downloaded the .exe file, not completely sure of what to expect. I knew what Spotify was and have heard the glowing reviews, but you know how people tend to exaggerate things, especially in the media :P.

Been listening for about 20 minutes and I am just floored. The number of independent/rare tracks is mind boggling. I listen to mostly underground electronic music, so it’s hard to find the music I am into.

Previously, I had been only listening to Pandora, and while Pandora introduces me to a few cool songs every now and then, there’s also a lot of junk I have to “thumb through” as well.

Additionally, if you’ve ever used Pandora, you get a limited number of skips per station (at least until you hack it) and you can’t do much to listen to your favorite song except try your luck on YouTube and see what turns out on the search results.

But with Spotify, you can run a search and with the hit of a button, you have access to an enormous library of high quality music, on demand. The interface itself is just like iTunes, but a nice dark grey chromatic color scheme- rather than the light grey iTunes ‘lemme take your money’ thing they had going on.

Okay, so who cares that I don’t actually own these songs? The simple fact that I can play them at my computer at any time is good enough for me. Plus, if you sign up for the $10 a month mobile plan, it’s like you’re buying a single CD per month, when in fact, you actually have access to about 1.5 million+ music albums. Yes, I am a huge fan! Take a look at the video below to learn more about the mobile version of this app.

Photo Courtesy of johan
Photo Courtesy of zenra
Photo Courtesy of dekuwa