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Wifi With 45 Miles Of Range, Pure Bliss

It feels really bad when you are having an important conversation on Skype and you go to check whose at the door and eventually your call terminates because you have walked out of your WiFi range.

Hopefully this won’t happen anymore because engineers at On-Ramp Wireless have succeeded in engineering a transmitter capable of transmitting WIFI signals up to 45 Miles.

Wifi routers usually transmit WIFI signals to a range of 50 t0 100 metres because signals are frequency modulated and can’t be transmitted any further than this distance because after this range they get distorted due to noise and thus become unusable. Now you might be wondering that how can the wifi signals reach such a large distance of 45 miles then.

On-Ramp Wireless engineers has developed a transmitter which although transmits the signals with the same frequency as any other transmitter but it modulates them in such a way that the signals become noise resistant and hence become able to propagate to a distance of 45 miles.

Another advantage this transmitter has is of power efficiency by using fewer smart grid access points contrary to the old technology which requires more access points to help in the propagation of WIFI signals. If On-Ramp Wireless are able to successfully produce it free of faults and if it makes into the mainstream market, this technology would revolutionize the whole Internet world. La Viva Revolution!!

Photo Courtesy of mich
Photo Courtesy of miniyo