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Apple To Provide Better Voice Features In iOS 5?

People always demand endless control over electronic gadgets. Probably keeping in view with this theory, voice recognition systems were introduced in smart phones providing the users more freedom of control over the device.

iOS 5 is the upcoming operating system for Apple’s i-devices. iOS seriously lags behind Android because of the latter’s better developed system wide voice recognition system.

Apple’s partnership with Nuance and purchase of Siri in 2010 gave hopes that Apple might introduce features like Voice-To-Text or Voice Navigation. But, unfortunately iOS 5’s announcement came and passed by without any hint about these features. However, Apple’s internal settings modules do show some integration of Nuance’s voice and Speech-To-Text features.

Looks like Apple ain’t sitting idle and possibly are working on stuffing the new iOS with some in-built Voice features. Apple may make these features exclusive for iPhone 5 like they introduced video recording exclusively for iPhone 3GS(really dumb of them for not introducing it in 3G).

Rumors also say that Apple will fully integrate Siri’s virtual private assistant in to iOS 5. I really have no idea what Steve Jobs is up to this time. But one thing is certain that these features will really be the trump card for iOS users providing them facility of voice commanding in an enhanced way and may possibly boost up iOS’s popularity against the Android.
Photo Courtesy of tnw
Photo Courtesy of jay