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Astroclip, Capture The Cosmos With Your iPhone 4!

There are so many accessories available in the markets for iPhone 4 but Astroclip is one of its kind. This marvelous gadget lets you photograph the moon and galaxy using your iPhone.

The Astroclip was designed by designer Matthew Geyster. The Astroclip attaches to your iPhone 4 and lets you link up your iPhone 4 to a telescope.

You can use the camera of your iPhone 4 to capture pictures of the cosmos so you longer need a special camera to snap-shot the moon or stars.

The Astroclip hooks up with any telescope with a 1.25 inch eyepiece, so on the whole it will work with scores of all-the-rage telescopes.

With the Astroclip, you would be able to shoot any star you want! This unquestionably is an innovative plan and the designer is trying to hoist $ 15,000 to thrust it into manufacturing. The vending outlay will be around $25. Given is the video clip of the Astroclip for illustration.

Photo Courtesy of Ces