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Watch Out! Google+ Circles Is Getting Even Better!

Google+ circles is an adorable feature for privacy concerned folks allowing others only to see what they want them to. Now the latest buzz is that this feature is getting even better.

Fridge is a web-suite which provided the facility of creating separate groups for friends, sharing stuff and planning events much alike other social networking sites. But the new thing is, Google is procuring Fridge. Although the exact amount of the deal is unknown thus far but one thing is certain than Fridge is no more going to be an individual media.

The current 40,000 users of Fridge have time until August 20,2011 to pull out their data before Google wipes it out. Google circles share much closeness with the features offered by Fridge. Now the Fridge team is going to work on Google’s circles to implant them with more user friendly features like Shared Circles.

This merger looks like a perfect match and seems as if Google had been planning this ever since they released Google+. Google+ is already gathering people’s liking. In my opinion, Google has made a very beneficial decision to enhance their social networking project and its going to pay them back well enough. See the video for a quick re-hash of what Fridge is all about.

Photo Courtesy of kexino
Photo Courtesy of dubbosson