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Macbook Battery Firmware Vulnerability Revealed

Hacking ain’t a new thing but hackers are those stubborn fellas who constantly search for hitting upon something like a venerability, a backdoor, a leak or something related.

Apple’s Mac OS is widely considered to be a robust piece of code persistent against viruses and virus makers. But it remains no more unexposed.

Charlie Miller, a researcher at Accuvant Consultancy, a well know Mac security gnat has found a hole in the notebook’s security in the battery compartment. Laptops come fitted with a chip containing a firmware for regulating the computer’s battery operations and allowing the operating system to keep a check on battery’s charge. According to a Forbes article, Miller has found the leak hole in this firmware.

These chips usually ship with a password and if that password is found, this vulnerability can easily be exploited to access he victims PC. By exploiting this hole, the hacker may install a piece of code on the chip thus allowing him/her to control the OS and even the notebook’s charger. what a nightmare!!! whatever you do to correct your dysfunctional PC won’t work unless you pull the chip out of your notebook and throw it away.

However, Mac owners don’t need to worry a bit because Miller is planning to offer the fix at Black Hat Security Conference in August. The solution is a tool CAULKGUN which will generate the passwords randomly. This shows how Mac is as vulnerable as any other operating system out in the market.
Photo Courtesy of william
Photo Courtesy of ttc