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U.S. Shutting Down Data Centers To Save Taxpayer Woes

In order to save money, the US federal government decided to shut down more than 350 data centers by the end of 2012 and another 400 by end of 2015. This was decided to save billions of dollars from US taxpayers.

Currently, more than 2000 data centers with 40 percent storage capacity and 27 percent computing capacity are running across the country.

The decision is quite good in saving money but what about the employees working there? Thirty states will be affected by this decision. However, authorities declared that the jobs associated with these servers are very few and they have planned to relocate them somewhere else.

The most affected department from this decision will be the Department of Defense because they are occupying 133 data centers.

Currently the Department of Homeland Security occupying data centers at 195000 square foot land. That’s a land equivalent to three and a half football fields. They will have to move that data some where else around the country.

While closing the data centers they must think of creating efficient energy sources for that. The electricity consumption of average data center is about 200 times as compared to regular office. So the better idea will be to move it on solar or wind energy etc.

Photo Courtesy of HDScorp
Photo Courtesy of foxgrrl