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Yill, Your Futuristic Energy Solution

Energy transportation is a stern matter. However it seems like Younicos, a company that specializes in storage units and renewable energy stations, has came up with the solution, perhaps the best possible one.

The Yill appears like a contemporary designer luggage although there is no space for archetypal clothes here. Yill stores power, pretty decent amount of real electrical power, 300 watts! The best part is, you can easily transport it from one place to another.

The product was originally designed by Werner Aisslinger. The product’s generally aimed at small companies and offices. It can provide enough power to keep your keep your workplaces powered up for 3 days.

It carries a stable lithium titanium battery and when completely exhausted, it only takes 4 hours to get completely charged.

The recharging is simple, you can recharge it either by plainly plugging it into a regular socked or a charging station with renewable supplies.

The main alluring facet of Yill is, with it around, you don’t need to look for energy sources that are available around-the-clock i.e. solar energy; so they can be taken advantage of at any time. Being cordless and mobile his innovative master piece can help you get rid of the infuriating elevated floor sockets.

Photo Courtesy of sean
Photo Courtesy of arsa