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Asus PadFone: Will It Be The New Sheriff In Town?

Is it a tablet? Is it a Phone? Well, Asus made the fog go away to let us see clearly what it was by announcing its PadFone earlier this year. The remarkable design of the TO-BE released device got everybody confused initially, but when the company explained the fact that it was a smart phone that is hooked up with a tablet in which the phone can dock into.

The concept product instantly became a hit amongst the smart phone and tablet users. The hybrid is bundled with a 10 inch tablet screen and a 4.3 inch phone display which sounds rather satisfactory and of course it works on a 3G network. The company has not given to GO sign to the display specs just yet.

The innovative design will be a good partner in business trips and other activities i.e. if you cannot get something done from your phone make it happen by using converting it into a tablet and vice versa. The PadFone is expected to be released this year. We will just have to wait and see whether it is an overrated tablet which can make calls or is the PadFone worth a buzz.

Photo Courtesy of otis
Photo Courtesy of kami