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Buggy Update Of Facebook iPhone App

Lots of users are angry over the recent update to Facebook’s iPhone app. The latest release was suposed to be fixing the problem but it went in opposite. Instead of fixing the bug it created more bugs for the users.

Facebook promised to release another update but still they are stucked at version 3.4.3

Facebook’s iPhone app was launched in 2008 and got great fame but this time the new version defaming it. Experts saying that the main reason for this bug is not giving attention to this app as facebook authorities are busy in developing a new mobile web-based interface for apple store.

Another reason can be not having the real pioneer for developing this app as Joe Hewitt the developer of iPhone app had already left facebook. The problem was detected when at the same time google plus just hitting 20 million members. So that’s bad luck for facebook. Facebook told sources that they have just one engineer working on that app. Thats really a cause of decline for facebook for not fixing this app.

However, Facebook representative already acknowledged this bug and said that they are working to fix it as soon as possible and version 3.4.4 will be released soon.

Photo Courtesy of rutty
Photo Courtesy of Lee Bennett

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