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Play Traditional Vinyl Records, Vertically

Everyone is working on creating new things such as creating new applications and converting things from analog to digital but very few companies are trying to make advancements in ‘old things’. Have you ever thought of playing vinyl records vertically?

Well, now it is possible. Ionaudio has introduced a new Vertical Vinyl system for playing records. So now you can play records vertically by place it on the wall, and I have to admit, it’s a pretty neat feature for all the audiophiles out there.

The built-in speakers with volume control are there. You will have to choose the correct RPM (between 33 -45) and it’s battery powered so you don’t have to worry about any messy wiring. Though the new record player got the attention of users for playing its records vertically, it can also be used traditionally for those who seek to preserve music’s history.

The main Features of this new shaped player are: built-in battery, volume control, and it comes with a standard power adapter.

So have some fun at your future parties and experience a new way of playing records. This new shaped classic will impress your friends by playing records sideways. What about playing it upside down? Well cant say anything about that, at least not yet!

Photo Courtesy of jklo
Photo Courtesy of princess2783_1999