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Play In Your Streets With Location Based Gaming

Tired of playing Call of Duty on the same maps? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could play games from your consoles, based on the streets you grew up in? That’s the idea behind location based gaming.

The games developed in this fashion, progress depending upon the location of the player using satellite positioning and other recent techniques. The point is that games like this bring reality as close to us as they possibly can, and with the increase in the demand of reality based titles these type of games might take over the gaming world.

This sounded impossible a while back but several games have been developed using this idea and they have been a huge hit all over the globe.

For instance an iPhone game called Shadow Cities gave us a passage to wander in our neighborhood and walk through the places we are familiar with, depending upon our location and allowing us to cast spells and take over areas. Even Angry Birds a top selling iPhone game developed by Rovio has been rumored to have adapted the location based gaming technique.

With a combination of realistic gaming and top notch technology, Location Based Gaming might be the next big thing among gaming enthusiasts.

Photo Courtesy of aaron
Photo Courtesy of racole