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Google Acquires Facial Recognition Company, Pittpatt

Google is keenly interested in upgrading its current projects and adding new and exciting features to them. Recently, Google bought Fridge, a social networking firm. Now Google has acquired PittPatt(Pittsburg Pattern Recognition), a face recognition software company.

PittPatt has developed a number of algorithms for face tracking and face detection. PittPatt’s development tools provide facilities of tracking human faces in photographs and videos. This technology is widely employed in surveillance and video entertainment industry.

Google had been planning to integrate facial recognition technology in its products such as Google Googglers but has retained from doing so because of privacy concerns. PittPatt stated that Google is not going to employ their tech in any mobile app unless there are strict privacy rules. But, later in may Eric Schmidt,the then CEO of Google said, “Google is most likely to employ the face recognition technology”. This statemnt was made in conformation that Google has acquired PittPatt.

PittPatt has a note up on its site stating,” This project which evolved with the launch of Pittsburgh pattern recognition software development kit in 2004 is the result of our hard work for the advancement of technology and research. At Google, computer vision technology is already at the core of many existing products (such as Image Search, YouTube, Picasa, and Goggles), so we find it very suitable for us to join Google and bring the result of our hard work to a wider audience”. Now we can hope to see some amazing features from Google very soon.

A video demo of facial recognition and tracking from Pittpatt.

Photo Courtesy of daniel
Photo Courtesy of justin