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Oracle Sues Google Over Java Copyrights & Patents

In the tech industry, suing rival companies is not a big deal so its no surprise that Oracle sued Google.

The bone of contention is Google’s US$100 million deal with Sun Microsystems to pay the royalties for using Sun Microsystems’ programming language java for building the, then-new operating system, Android.

The deal has invoked a copyright infringement case against the search giant Google. However, Google has denied the allegations put forth by Oracle. Sun Microsystems was then acquired by Oracle along with java’s patents and copyrights.

Yesterday, Google’s attorney Robert Van Nest cleared the allegations regarding Google’s deal with Sun Microsystems on the basis that the deal was only made for building up a tech partnership with Sun Microsystems to develop Android and has nothing to do with java patent licensing. At the same time the court has granted authorization to Oracle to let Google’s CEO Larry Page to bear witness regarding the dead deal.

Oracle claims that Google developed Android while fracturing java copyrights and patents. If this case culminates in favor of Oracle, the company would receive a hefty amount of US$6.1 billion in damages from Google. However Google has denied any such allegations of copyright infringement and has requested District Judge William Alsup to castaway Oracle’s miscalculated cost of damages. Nevertheless, if Google is found guilty of infringement it will have to bear the damages.

The case in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, is Oracle America, Inc v. Google Inc, 10-3561.

Photo Courtesy of dfmartins
Photo Courtesy of lab