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Be Efficient With iOS 5’s Wireless Update Feature

Apple has recently seeded the beta version of its newest operating system iOS 5 to developers. iOS 5 is currently not available to normal users as it is in a testing phase.

For the first time Apple has introduced the feature of updating the OS over a wireless network without hooking the device up to a PC for downloading.

For this, the user will need to first download the new operating system to the device utilizing 3G or WIFI connectivity. Updating the software by this method would not download the full operating system which requires the download of about 700 MB chunk of data.

Instead, only those files necessary for the update will be downloading thus greatly reducing the load of data transmitted over wireless network.

This means that you can even update your phone while having a lecture using your university’s wifi network. It is so easy that you would only need to connect the device with PC for installing the system. Moreover upgrading to iOS 5 from previous versions of the OS will be absolutely free.

iOS 5 comes bundled with a plenty of exciting features as a completely redesigned system of alerts, iMessage – new messaging system using the Internet, integration with Twitter and Apple’s all new service, iCloud. Rejoice i-users as Apple brings a lot of cool stuff to you this summer..
Photo Courtesy of jay
Photo Courtesy of tnw