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iOS 5 Beta 4 Gets Jailbroken

The much awaited release of iOS 5 is now over, at least for iOS developers. A few hours back Apple released the beta 4 version of the much awaited iOS 5 to developers. But guess what? Just a few hours after the release of this operating system, the hacker community has found a way to jailbreak this OS. Marvelous and very fast indeed.

The iPhone Dev team has released RedSn0w 0.9.8b4 when only just a few hours have passed since the OS’s release. However, this jailbreak is tethered which means you need to jailbreak the device every time the phone boots up. Now, the developers have the freedom to develop applications to run on jail-broken iOS 5.

There is also another good news for those who don’t want to lose their jailbreak by accidentally applying the OTA(Over The Air) update which came along with the release of iOS 5 beta. This jailbreak is invulnerable to this OTA update.

I guess this news is really going to panic Steve Jobs 😀 .Now iPhone users who will choose to upgrade to iOS 5 will be able to enjoy third party applications on their iPhones with practically zero trouble. Apple should now worry about releasing a new update to counter this jailbreak instead of bragging about the efficiency of their new operating system as the reality is in front of everyone’s eyes..

Photo Courtesy of zan
Photo Courtesy of jor