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LG New Comers Get Leaked On G+

On one hand, the Internet gives us Google+ with its awe-inspiring privacy settings and on the other it threatens us with forth coming product leakage and piracy.

LG, the Asian giants had bad luck and got the bad end of it. The upcoming smartphones of LG lined up to finish of their year in a fabulous fashion were leaked.

Not just one or two the whole bunch that was aligned to get released in the coming months. LG had a pretty decent start to the year, and after seeing the queued up smart phones it shows they were planning to end it very decently too.

All in all we now have what they were hiding from us and the sources tell us that the upcoming phones are hooked up with Android Gingerbread, fancy displays and the phones are leaned towards more stability. The lineup includes: LG Prada K2, sequel of the LG Prada, LG Univa, this smart monster has a 5 mega pixel camera bundled with it and DLNA support, and LG K and the rumor has it that it had a 720p display, LG victor, Gelato NFC, Fantasy and last but not the least LG E2.

The cluster sounds pretty amazing with the features and Google’s favorite Android. Rest will be in the hands of the users to determine.

Photo Courtesy of brenn
Photo Courtesy of fuka