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Save Time When Buying Apps With Password Pilot

Since buying stuff online is a risky process, online stores usually have your account setup with a password with which you can access the online material and save you the peril of losing important information or data. Apple also followed the same procedure where you only had to put in your password once, saving the trouble of punching the password again for next 15 minutes.

This was only until some lawsuits were filed against Apple. Apple, fearing an FCC investigation changed the method leaving users to enter password for every download. This sometimes becomes very troublesome for frequent downloaders who get lots of stuff. But our power users don’t need to worry as we have a solution for that.

PasswordPilot is a simple application which enters your password for you every time the store prompts for a password saving you the trouble of entering password again and again.

You only need to run the application and enter your account’s password into the field provided, the application will do the rest for you. So if you use the App store excessivley, just download this simple App and you are good to go.

And yeah, the app is free with no strings attached. It’s available on Cydiaand if you wanna give it a try just go on. But i don’t recommend it to users who don’t consider the device solely their property and those that are often in their children’s hands. See the video below to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of babo
Photo Courtesy of dale