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WristPC, A Unique Way To Carry Your Computer

Recently, people have been stressing portability when it comes to their modern computing needs. Everybody loves to carry their PC around and access their emails from any location.

The need and craving to use a PC out of offices and homes has grown exponentially in the past few years. Although smartphones have somewhat fulfilled the need but they are not yet equivalent to a computer.

Many attempts have been made to make the PC portable as users expect both powerful and fast computing; the results have mainly been tablets, netbooks and Chromebooks.

But now we have something that you may find a bit more portable, and it is called the WristPC. This particular device can be worn just like a watch. You can use it right there on your wrist or take it off and use the band as a cool mini stand.

The WristPC has a 3.5 inch screen and a keyboard. You can surf Internet from this device and even SMS someone, the best part is, the wireless earpiece detaches and can be used to make phone calls.

This cool gadget can be used as a GPS and with it around your wrist, you no longer will feel the burden of carrying your PC.

Photo Courtesy of sfslim
Photo Courtesy of hdc