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Xbox 720: Release Date & Price Expectations

If you couldn’t get your hands on one of the world’s most favorite gaming console because it was too expensive, well, Microsoft has been working on that problem lately by producing cheaper gaming consoles i.e. Xbox.

The top technology developing firm wants its consumers to get their products without having to worry about their trip to Hawaii. Microsoft has always been a secretive company and only shows the world what it has been working on when it wants to. Usually it has never been on the bad side of product information leakage. Microsoft announced that they were working on a new hardware and the successor of Xbox 360.

Yes, the company announced the production of Xbox 720 and it is expected to be released in the year 2013. With latest hardware and technology and the firm working on new motherboards to decrease the price of the expected product and No sign of PS4, the cheaper Xbox 720 has been the conversation of the gods lately.

The only two things that can disrupt the peace of releasing 720 earlier than its competitor is the year 2012, and the assumption that when earth cracks open in the next year it should not give birth to PlayStation 4.

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