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Adobe Aiming To Move Up In The App Market

Adobe, the digital media and web developing company will close Adobe inMarket and Adobe Airplace.

The company is aiming to pass the privilege to multiple platforms, as this would be more profitable and will help the firm develop an even better image in front of the world in the coming future. Both of the above mentioned stores are announced to close in August.

According to Adobe, staying limited to just mobile and desktop apps in stores was kind of a setback for the company and they would prefer giving consumers almost everything they want.

The Californian Company wants to move up in the market by offering more products to their consumers that include: Android apps, Blackberry apps, iTunes, Samsung apps and several other platforms. They are positive that this step will make the company more mature and will help a lot in assuring better revenue and satisfied customers.

Photo Courtesy of uncle
Photo Courtesy of Liquid