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Adiós, Fake Apple Stores!

The Chinese government and the investigating authorities have been involved in a big hustle over the past few weeks involving the fake Chinese Apple Stores in Kunming. The fake stores were the lime light of the city and the people behind it were reported when someone blogged about two apple stores in the city when there was no Apple store providing services in that area.

The Land of the Dragons is known for its counterfeit market and copyright infringement all over the globe more than it is known for Dragon remains and Emperors. The accused owner has even said that they were doing it for the good of the people and that they were doing Apple a favor and the employees claim that they were made to believe that this is an official Apple store.

The dust has now settled and the authorities have announced the fake stores to be closed and the decision for the people running the Apple rip offs is being considered by a jury. Incidents like these are very common in that part of the world which cost firms like Apple a lot of money and sometimes bad reputation.

Photo Courtesy of charles
Photo Courtesy of nabe