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Amazon Puts A Halt To Nintendo 3DS Shipments

It looks like Amazon is taking user reviews and consumer comments very seriously in that it has decided to stop selling the Nintendo 3DS. The real reason why Amazon decided to stop shipping its 3DS portables remains a mystery, but they claim that they are working to fix it.

When the game console first came out, there were many complaints about the structure of the unit, claiming that the screen would easily get scratched due to not having enough of a cushion when it was closed.

Other complaints stated that the 3D gaming gave them headaches, and they were unable to use the unit. We’re not sure what’s the issue this time, and the fact that it currently has a 4 star average out of 359 reviews is equally perplexing.

I guess we will learn more about it from Amazon themselves in the coming weeks, but for now, you’ll have to buy your 3DS from somewhere else (or wait for a later model to come out).

Send us a tweet @techmento and let us know what your experiences have been with the Nintendo 3DS and whether you think people should or should not buy the device? Thanks, and have a wonderful day! In the meantime, check out the video below to see a review from IGN on 3DS.

Photo Courtesy of redox
Photo Courtesy of abdel