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Apple Starts iMac HD Replacement Program

iMac is Apple’s popular line of of all-in-one computers. you have the central processing unit and the display in one package looking like a giant monitor.

Looks like Apple is facing some problems with the hardware of the iMacs shipped during 2011. It is not a big problem as hardware might face some sort of damage during manufacturing. It is suggested that the problem is with the 1TB primary hard disk of the device manufactured by Seagate. The exact cause of the problem is not disclosed.

The systems which are shipped between May and July 2011 are thought to have some fault. The hard drive might fail without any particular reason. Therefore, Apple has started a program to get the faulty hard drives replaced ,though, not many customers might be a victim of this problem.

Apple has started contacting the customers who they think might have encountered the problem. Only 21.5 inch and 27 inch Mac systems are showing this fault with their hard drives.

So if you are an owner of any of these two models and your iMac’s hard disk is causing some sort of trouble, just don’t wait for it to fail. Contact Apple and the’ll have your nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider fix it for you.!

Photo Courtesy of dn
Photo Courtesy of andres