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Apple’s Grand Central Store Gets Approval

Apple has just won its bid to takeover a 23,000 sq. ft space in Grand Central Station for a new Apple store in New York City. The company agreed to a ten year lease at $800,000 a year, and the store is expected to be one of Apple’s largest and most grandiose stores yet.

The company sent their bid in a few weeks back to the owners of Grand Central Station, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), and Apple will send in their blueprints in the coming weeks.

While I have to admit it’s cool to have an Apple store near a train station, I’d also worry a bit about the number of muggings that may occur as a result of the new store.

I’d expect security to increase in the station, before any foreseeable pickpockets dominate the train station. Anyways, the move is sure to put a number of smiles on Mac fans’ faces and the store is expected to become one of the most successful stores Apple has yet released.

While rent may jump well over a million dollars per year after the ten-year contract, we are sure that Apple will have no problem paying its rent considering how often they roll out new products and services.

Photo Courtesy of jgarb
Photo Courtesy of jaud