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Avatar Kinect Launched By Microsoft

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. Microsoft has released Avatar Kinect. It is a technology which will be used in Xbox for online video chat application.

Avatar Kinect uses Kinect sensors to track the movement of your mouth, eyebrows and expressions and translates all these movements to the avatar in your screen. When a person stands in front of the sensors and talks or uses his hand gestures, the avatar responds in the same way.

This technology was first introduced and displayed by Microsoft in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, and promised to release the application by Spring. It is free to the Xbox Live Gold members, but it will also be made available to the unpaid Xbox Live members by September.

Initially, this application will grab the attention of a small group of Kinect users, especially those who like the idea of virtual meetings and conversations and virtual chatting websites with avatars. But as people get to know about the applications, it might go viral.

Craig Mundie, a chief research and strategy officer said, “What we wanted to do was essentially go beyond just the skeletal animation and create a product that would be the first step toward three-dimensional, multiparty, telepresent interaction, and to use the Kinect technology to do that.”

Avatar Kinect allows your avatar to move around and interact with up to seven other avatars through different virtual stages and themes like sports, party etc. Users can share their work done on their respective avatars with each other on either facebook or by uploading it on the KinectShare.

Microsoft has added many cool animations in the application. You can customize your entry by flying in with a jetpack or customize your exit by snapping your fingers. You can go through different themes according to your mood and either be a singer, a host, a comedian or just chat with your kinect buddies.

Photo Courtesy of Gladdy
Photo Courtesy of Dekuwa
Photo Courtesy of Antony