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Screen Capturing Using MSI Afterburner

Although the MSI Afterburner was developed and launched by MSI, but it also works with other VGA cards. The earlier release of MSI Afterburner only supported taking snapshots of the screen, but the recent Beta release (MSI Afterburner 2.2 Beta 5) lets you capture Screen Videos.

The process of recording your screen is very simple. After you download the software, you can access the Properties after Startup, by clicking the Settings button. Then you need to find the Video Capture tab located on the top menu of the Properties Window and define the video format, video quality, video capturing hotkey (a key that would start capturing your screen while you’re playing the game), frame rate and the output folder (the folder where your captured video would be stored).

You might want to experiment different settings depending on your System Specifications. But the recommended settings would be Full Frame Size and MJPG compression and 100 percent Quality Settings.

The size of the video generated after capturing is fully dependant on the quality settings. A small video might occupy Gigabytes of space in your hard disk. But this size can be largely reduced by adjusting the quality settings to a bit low quality.

Photo Courtesy of John
Photo Courtesy of Aaronage