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Yet Another Privacy Concern With Facebook: Video Glitch

Privacy is one thing upon which social networking sitesusers never compromise. But sometimes, due to some fault, their privacy is breached leading to defamation of the company.

Facebook recently got hit by such a glitch which allowed anyone in one’s friend list to view all of his/her videos including even those videos that were blocked by the user. Videos are usually more sensitive compared to pictures. So you would expect that Facebook’s privacy features would work properly to save the user trouble regarding the content in a video.

The glitch allowed any friend to see the thumbnail of the video as well as the description below and the people tagged in it. Facebook’s privacy feature would otherwise hide all this info. The video thumbnail when clicked would prompt “This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings” but sometimes even the thumbnail and description are enough to bring embarrassment to the holder.

A Facebook representative has recently clarified that this particular problem which lived for almost a week has been fixed completely. Facebook has a bad reputation with privacy settings such as messages being sent to the wrong people.

This makes me wonder if Facebook is gonna survive with this since people are now showing lots of interest in Google+ and all these off and on privacy glitches are also sufficient enough to haunt them away.
Photo Courtesy of ijc
Photo Courtesy of jay