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Virgin Media Brings 1.5Gbps Download Speeds To UK Folks

A £13 billion private investment by Virgin Media is making the Internet its fastest ever in London. Virgin Media, a popular and leading company is now providing Internet speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps which is 240 times faster than the average speed provided in London.

Almost every user is connected to a unique fiber optic cable network of Virgin Media through a high quality coaxial cable with almost negligible resistance. This is not the first time by Virgin media that they are crossing the limits in making things fast.

They proved themselves a leading company in the past as well by providing 100 MBps to almost half of the UK residential area. But this time this is marvelous. As people are using more loaded services continuously, there was a need for much more higher bandwidth. The 1.5 GB/s is indeed a very high bandwidth for the average user but the cost of this new fast and furious internet will decide whether the average user can afford it or not.

On the other side, the executives of the company are thinking about a much faster speed than 1.5 GB/s in future. The sky is the limit. The government officials were excited on this investment. They feel that this will open new paths for new companies, competing for faster speeds thus creating new opportunities for investment and employment.

Photo Courtesy of mohsend72
Photo Courtesy of hdzimmermann.