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GE Working On 1TB Storage Compact Discs

GE has just revealed a breakthrough in optical storage that can greatly reduce the number of CD case space you’ll need in your one bedroom apartment. They’ve revealed a 500GB disc that can store up to 20 blu-rays, or 100 standard DVDs.

The breakthrough may offer new way to store our digital media. For example, one could store up to 100 Action-genre movies on one disc, and up to 100 Romance-genre movies on another disc, and a collection of 10 discs could hold up to a 1,000 movies.

But don’t even try to ask, “Well what happens if you lose one of them?” And if you thought that was crazy, GE is also working on creating micro-holographic discs that can store 1TB of data a piece.

While the research is still being done, the company hopes to commercialize large storage discs to the public in a couple years, and it offers something interesting to think about.

If we can replace hard drives and solid-state drives with ultra-slim CD players, couldn’t we make notebooks even thinner than the current MacBook Air? It seems quite likely, and it’d be ironic to see us drifting back to moving media (as opposed to stationary media like solid state drives.)

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Photo Courtesy of hugo
Photo Courtesy of lv