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Google+ ‘Fake Names’ Disaster

A lot of people are very angry at the way Google just suspended their Google+ accounts without any notice. The reason they state for suspending these accounts is usage of fake names or even using non-alphabetic characters in their names. Google not only suspended their Google+ accounts, but all the accounts related to that account including Gmail account, Docs and Bloggers.

Google recently made a lot of it’s customers upset by introducing this new scheme. It’s like Google is enforcing people to give out their real identity even if they don’t want to. The display name or user name of a person should be entirely according to his will.

Some people might not like the idea of other people knowing their personal information especially their name. They prefer concealment of their identity, because they might have only come for a good social network and not to make real friends or acquaintance.

When asked, Vic Gundotra, the person in charge of Google+ project said that he is aware of the unhappy atmosphere caused by this act and is trying to eliminate the resentment of users. He said that Google had made some mistakes in the past but now they are trying to fix these problems.

Photo Courtesy of menea
Photo Courtesy of endworld