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IBM Files Patent For Modifying Onscreen Keyboard

Although most users like better to use a physical keyboard and only uses virtual keyboards for the sake of portability. They can’t carry around the physical keyboard around all the time and so they use the virtual keyboard on their mobile devices.

However, the flexibility offered by the virtual keyboards can never be matched by the physical ones. That’s exactly why IBM is filing a U.S. patent application for a morphing touchscreen keyboard interface.

The Virtual keyboard would differ from the other virtual keyboards because it would morph and automatically resize, reshape and reposition the keys depending on the user’s typing style.

The virtual keyboard would modify the size, location and shape to help the user type with ease depending on various factors like finger size, length and motion. The keyboard would perform a series of test to determine the user’s typing style and then generate a personalized touch keyboard.

Once the keyboard is set up, it would automatically track the usage pattern and consequently adjust the shape, size and position. The keys size would vary from key to key for an increased accuracy and the edges of the keyboard are somewhat lower while raised in the middle, this would assist a single hand to tap the far-off keys.

Photo Courtesy of jdn
Photo Courtesy of Kia