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Microsoft Extending It’s Deal With SUSE

Around five years ago, Microsoft made an arrangement with SUSE to work on Interoperability between Windows and Linux. The agreement was for around 5 years, but now Microsoft has extended it’s deal with SUSE.

The duration of the extended agreement is again of a period of 5 years i.e. the deal will go on till 2016. Microsoft will also invest an amount of $100 million in the new SUSE Linux Enterprise certificates.

SUSE was founded by Peter MacDonald in the year 1992. It was previously a service provider, but then it started to launch software. Now it’s main focus was to deploy enterprise wide solutions for Linux. SUSE was acquired by Novell in 2004 and Novell was acquired by Attachmate in April 2011.

To protect the ability of Linux to be developed as open source code, the CPTN holdings bought some patents of Novell. CPTN sold back the Novell Patents after an agreement that Microsoft will still have access and will be allowed to use those patents.

SUSE Linux is basically an operating system which was first launched in 1994. It is built on top of Linux kernel. It is mainly built in Europe and is of German origin.

Photo Courtesy of Tommi
Photo Courtesy of Robert