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Next-Gen Of PCs To Be Powered By Graphene

Technology not only advances with every second but also becomes obsolete every second. Based on current research, it appears that silicon would be out of action in near future and Graphene might take its place.

Graphene is a new substance discovered by scientists at the University of Manchester in 2004. The substance is found to have been composed of just a single layer of Carbon atoms contrary to Silicon which comprises of many layers of Carbon.

Scientists claim that it can be used to power the electronic devices and that they would run faster and will become more power efficient if Graphene is used to built them.

The reason behind this theory is the fact that electrons travel at a significantly quicker pace than they do in Silicon which is widely employed currently in manufacturing electronic devices. Experiments are already undergoing to build devices such as touchscreen gadgets using Graphene.

Also, the Graphene is thought to be 200 times stronger than steel and owing to its elastic properties, we may in fact see computers which could be rolled like a pencil in the near future, that is, rolling sheets of Graphene into Graphene nanotubes.

So if the proposed theory becomes a fact then that time is coming soon when we might be able to have even thinner laptops than we currently do. Imagine a MacBook Air that can be made even slimmer?

Photo Courtesy of qwert
Photo Courtesy of core