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The New Samsung Galaxy R

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup is expanding really fast, and there has been another addition to the row with the launching of Galaxy R. The phone is shipped to the UK and it has many matching functions with the well-liked Samsung Galay S II.

The Samsung Galaxy, features a smaller display than the Galaxy S II. Although the display measures 4.2 inches, it features the same 480 x 800 pixel resolution as Galaxy S II. The Display is also said to be a Super LCD display rather than a Super AMOLED display on the S II.

The Exynos has been replaced by Tegra 2, Tegra 2 is a fine alternative to Exynos and that makes the expected performance obvious enough. The phone features a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash; face detection, geo-tagging and 1.3MP front-facing camera.

The Galaxy R is said to be a bit heavier than the Galaxy S II. The phone features a metallic back cover and the price is not yet made public but it is expected to be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone is expected to be as groundbreaking as the Galaxy S II. We will appreciate your feedback at
Now let’s see the phone in action.

Photo Courtesy of Lou
Photo Courtesy of Aar