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Scammers Taking Advantage Of Amy Whinehouse Tragedy

Amy Whinehouse passed away recently over the weekend. Since then everyone has been wondering and asking about the cause of her death. There are no official reports on the cause of her death as there were no signs of foul play.

Some scammers who don’t feel pity about anything have turned her death into some kind of a joke. They have created a feed on Facebook claiming to show the video of Amy Whinehouse’s last moments.

Although, there is no official video or even report of the final moments of Amy Whinehouse, the link only takes you to a page which asks you to fill out a survey before viewing the video. When someone fills out the survey, there is no video or anything.

These scammers are doing this just to build up the traffic on their sites which would help them make money. Something must be done in order to stop this act.

We can stop this scam by letting people know the reality and deleting the feed on facebook as soon as we see it. You can share your experience of being hit by a scam. Spread out the word by sharing this blog with the people who really care for Amy Whinehouse. RIP Amy Whinehouse.

Photo Courtesy of baer
Photo Courtesy of eston