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SmartWidget Keeps Your Apps Handy

In most smartphones, regardless of the operating system they use, there is always a physical or virtual button to bring forth the applications running simultaneously. This feature is called multi-tasking.

But this doesn’t provide the portability of having all your favorite applications in one place on the screen where you can start any of them easily without having to go look for it deep down the folders. In Android devices, however, shortcuts can do this work but what’s the point in having a home screen when it’s all stuffed up with shortcuts?

Morever, one doesn’t use the same applications again and again so it leaves you in a situation where one has to frequently delete and add new shortcuts. To save you the trouble, an XDA member rm9 has developed an application called SmartWidget for Android users.

This smart application helps you by providing you a widget where you can keep your most frequently used applications or games on home-screen and you won’t need to go deep down the applications’ folder to pull the desired app or game out.

Once launched, the widget keeps record of every application and automatically feeds itself with excessively used apps. Some might not find this application very useful but if you are tired of the same situation as I have mentioned, simply go for this application!

Photo Courtesy of xda
Photo Courtesy of astanush