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Sony Creates The World’s Thinnest Camera-Sony DSC-TX55

When it comes to superb image capturing, Sony‘s Cyber-shot series is on top of it. Every year, Sony comes up with some very cool digital cameras for the photo lovers. This time Sony has created what they claim to be the world’s slimmest camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-TX55. The camera is just 12.2 mm thick being 5 mm less thicker than the Sony’s DSC-TX10.

The device features 16 MP EXMOR, 26mm wide angle lens with 5x recessed optical zoom. How is it the slimmest camera with a lens bulging out of its front? Actually, this isn’t the case. It’s more like a digital camera but with a new technology called the Pixel Super Solution renders it as optical. This new technology employs “Pixel Creation And Pattern Matching” making the magnified image clearer and sharper.

Also this technology doubles the amount of zoom, i.e it converts a 5x zoom digitally to 10x without loss of image quality. It also features a 3.3″ touchscreen occupying the whole back of camera and has a resolution of 1.2m which is justifiable. Also the camera is capable of recording a 1080 p resolution video.

Meanwhile, the other cool in-built features are a 10 frames per second burst mode, 3D image capturing, panorama sweep mode much and it also offers editing of the picture. This cool camera with dainty features is debuting in September and is expected to cost US $350. I am in love with this camera already and i’d recommend it to those who want to impress their mates with camera’s slim looks and at the same time don’t want to lost the essence of their photo shooting experience.
Photo Courtesy of pocket
Photo Courtesy of pocket

  • Zeeshan Mir

    Sony DSC TX66 is a new model number of Sony DSC TX55, having the same slimness and zoom power but TX66 is 18MP. It means that Now the World Best Thinnest & Slimmest Cyber shot is  TX66.   (TX 55 =16MP) & (TX66 = 18MP) Same colors, same slimness and same zoom & design & features